Thursday, 27 January 2011

Climate Change

Every time we read a newspaper, watch the new son television or listen to them on the radio, we usually hear two words: climate change. Never the less, we have still been misinformed about what is the climate change and its consequences. By the way, when journalists or scientists talk about the climate change, we know that this is something related to the environment, and that is all. So, I am going to explain easily what is this phenomenon.

The climate change is an alteration in the climate refers to the climate history of any place. This could be a natural change, but nowadays, is directly or indirectly a result of human’s existence. The climate change produces another atmospheric phenomenon like global warming and greenhouse effect mainly.
The global warming is a consequence of the global temperature in earth and oceans, which, in natural conditions, is necessary for life in Earth. Although, when we make an emission of poisonous gases to the atmosphere, we produce an excessive warming of the planet, more than it is necessary. This is caused by the greenhouse effect.
The gases that we emit are originated fundamentally, by the fossil fuels, used in the industry and transport of our social activities. But, sometimes, we haven’t been informed about the result of our actions.
In my opinion, people should be aware of the problems which our planet, and us, suffer. However, in industrialized countries, people often know the problems. In this case, for me, there are two different kinds of citizen:
§   In one hand, a person who, obviously, knows the environment problems and does not do anything about it. Even though, they make worse the situation. They mix their household rubbish, waste water and electricity and they pollute too much.

§   In the other hand, the one who is interested in solve the climate troubles, and then try to do something: recycling, saving water, using ecological products and being respectful with our planet Earth.
I know that is very difficult that all the people in the world change their mind and protect the environment. But, if each person who is worried about the future of our planet, try to be the second kind of citizen (respectful with the environment), I will be proud of the humanity. Step by step, we will be able to make a better world!

 By Mar Iglesias González, 4ºA

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