Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The wall of thoughts

Teen´s  Violence!

In the world there are many types of people: nice, kind, shy, generous, bad, violent, bad-mannered person…
Each person has grown-up in different homes environments.
Adolescence is a very important time of life in which we build our way of life for being the person that we want to be in future, and this process is influenced by, many important factors.
For example, in relation between parents and children is very important that they have communication and confidence, because in adolescence we make many changes as physical as psychological.
We are affected by fear, violence, discrimination, injustice and to exceed this we have to know that someone trusts you and love you.
For all this, when in a family there are problems that lead to violence, against children, It can be affect them forever.
Many young are reflection of their parents, because of many times an abused child, will become abuser.
I think that the parents have to educate their children with the knowledge that the things that they do or say are very important for the live of their sons.

By Carmen María García Serrano

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