Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Survey about internet and social networks
The reporters Alicia and Carmen have gone out to streets for asking people about the use of Internet and social networks.
Here the answers:
         1.What do you think about internet?
I think that Internet can be very helpful to people to learn and to be informed about all problems that happens in the world. 
2.What do you do in Internet?
In Internet I do many things like talking with my friends, doing something exercises, finding information or listening music and watching videos. 
3.How much time do you spend on Internet?
Well, I spend on Internet…depends, Monday to Thursday I spend one hour, the rest of the time I study and do my homework. On Fridays I don´t use Internet because I go out with my friends. Saturday and Sunday I am in Internet two or three hours. 
4.Do you usually use the social networks in a daily basic?
Yes, but not a lot I like this because I can talk with my friends that often I am not able to see. 
5.Do you agree that all people have got access to social networks, especially children?
Mmmm… I don´t know! Really I think that the problem is the parents, because they don´t  look after their sons and they do a profile in some social network and the children are very young for it. 
6.Would you like meet a boyfriend in the social network?
No, because you don´t know if the person who is talking with you tell lies or not. Beside he can be a strange person. 
7.Do you agree with the new law Sinde that the government wants to implement?
Really not because I think that if there are something in Internet, for example one TV soap opera, I would watch this and If the people works for this and for all people can watch something…Why forbid that other people can watch this? 
8.Do you often download music or other things of Internet?
Yes, but sometimes I don´t find what I want. 
9.Have you ever bought something on Internet?
Well, really not, because I am afraid to give me personal dates in Internet because I don´t know who can watch it and really you don´t know what you buy. 
10.What do you think about the excessive use of Internet?
I think that the use excessive can be harmful for children and all person in general because take time for do others things and sports and may be bad for your health.

Thanks for your collaboration.

By Carmen María García Serrano and Alicia Belmonte Miras, 4ºA

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