Saturday, 3 December 2011

The wall of thoughts


How the media influences us?
In general each film or song has a story itself but sometimes the meaning is the same.
When we write about how the media influences us depends on our feelings in that moment.
For example, we harly ever find a film that show how is the life's reality.
But it is because people want to see a film that show them a perfect life with an amazing job, a big house, a perfect husband or wife and the best children in the world.
The director looks for the people´s dream and creates a story with them.
People has feelings and the media wants to find them.
If we are sad or happy for something the media influences us in the way that we see the life or love.
One of my point is that about life I think that the best film that shows us the reality is "The pursuit of happiness", because this teachs us that if we want something we can get it and if we fight hard every day of our lives we will reach our goals.
Secondly, about love I think that we can't  find the perfect person that we listen to a song or we see a TV or a film.
We have to find a person that looks after us when nobody does it.
A person that loves us every day althought we are sad, happy, angry and even when we don't want to speak or to be alone. A person that trust us and we trust him or her.
And one person with who we share the good and the bad things in our lives, so in my opinion it is the best love.

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