Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The wall of thoughts

our future

Most teenagers have not decided yet what do they want to study when they are older and I am included in that group.
These years are the most important of our lives because we have to study as much as we can, to be able to choose the degree we want to study.
Some friends know more or less what job they want to choose, but they do not know it for sure. Others just do not want to study now, because they prefer to go out with friends or play videogames, however they do not realize that if they do not study during these years, they will not have a good job and that is really important.
Personally, I am a mess as I do not have any idea, although I know that I prefer sciences than arts.
The only thing I am sure is that I would like to be very happy in my job.
 By Celia Estrada

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